Exclusive Apartments "Villa Lido" Exclusive Apartments "Villa Lido"

8 Turaidas str., Dzintari, Jurmala.
Westbalt Group Company represents a new exclusive project – "Villa Lido" Apart Hotel of a boutique category in the very heart of a resort town Jurmala, in Dzintari, opposite to Dzintari Concert Hall, just 100 meters away from the sea shore.

Apartments in Saulkrasti Apartments in Saulkrasti

3 Tallinas str (Building 1), 7a Tallinas str (Building 2), Saulkrasti, Latvia.
..:: Project sold! ::..
The "Saulkrastu nams" project is a new modern residential house with very comfortable ergonomic apartments, which are bright and spacious. The convenient location of apartments, with the opportunity of making alterations, allows the buyers to materialize their individual vision of living space

Jurmala Residence Jurmala Residence

50/52 Strelnieku pr., Jaundubulti, Jurmala.
In June 2010, the "Westbalt Housing" company has begun the construction of the new elite residential compound "Jūrmala Residence" with 60 apartments in Jaundubulti, Jūrmala. The residential compound includes two three-storeyed residential houses with an attic floor, an underground parking, as well as facilitated territory. The project have been put in commission in september 2011.

Brizes Brizes

Latvia, Talsu district, Kolka.
..:: Project sold! ::..
We offer for sale an exclusive "Brizes" plot, which is located in the geographical center of Europe, on the very shore of the sea, in the specially protected dune zone of the Slītere National Park. The plot (area: 23.57 ha) with a magnificent beach, which is 640 meters long, is ideal for an exclusive private residence or an elite compound for recreation and sports activities.

Housing estate "Dzintari" Housing estate "Dzintari"

26 Kemeru str., Jurmala, Latvia.
“Westbalt Group” company presents a project of the elite housing estate “Dzintari” located in the center of Jurmala, in Dzintari. Total area of the lot is 22,519 square meters, total area of the project is 30,000 square meters. The project includes 15 four-storied dwelling houses with 141 elite apartments and multipurpose community complex.

Dwelling complex in Olaine Dwelling complex in Olaine

Olaine, 10a and 28a Jelgavas street.
We offer for sale a business – class housing estate design for 220 flats of the total area of 25100 square meters. The design includes two six-storey residential houses located on two plots of the total acreage of 18186 square meters.

Longoz Alfa Longoz Alfa

Bulgaria, Kamchiya.
We offer for sale a plot and a project of the elite residential compound "Longoz Alpha" in Kamchia, a unique resort on the Bulgarian seashore of the Black Sea.

Longoz Beta Longoz Beta

Bulgaria, Kamchiya.
We offer for sale a project of the elite residential compound "Longoz Beta" in Kamchia, a unique resort on the Bulgarian seashore of the Black Sea. The compound includes a five-storeyed hotel with 96 apartments, 8 villas and 13 townhouses. The project has been approved and the construction permit has been obtained.

Longoz Longoz

Bulgaria, Kamchiya.
We offer for sale a project of "Longoz" - the elite residential community of townhouses in Kamchia, a unique resort on the Bulgarian seashore of the Black Sea. The technical project has been developed and accepted, and the permit to build 34 townhouses has been obtained.

Exclusive apartments in Riga Exclusive apartments in Riga

9 Kveles str., Jugla, Riga.
.:: Project sold! ::..
Exclusive apartments with full finish in the new 9-apartment deluxe clubhouse in Riga, which has been built by the woodside of the magnificent pine forest, near the Jugla Lake. The location of the house ideally combines the developed infrastructure and the picturesque, ecologically clean nature within the limits of the city. In order to finish the building and the apartments, high-quality expensive materials have been used.

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